/build 2013

I had the opportunity this year to attend the /build conference in San Francisco you may have seen this if you follow my tweets (@christophearg). I am preparing a suite of technical posts to show you what was presented on the web development news. While waiting, I posted the pictures I have taken during the event. If you want to see it, you can find the album on Facebook or Google+.

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[WinRT Trick] Scrolling and Webview NavigateToString bug

If you add on a WinRT page a Webview and call NavigateToString method, you will lose wheel mouse scrolling on the entire page. Reason is simple, WebView isn’t really a control and doesn’t have a Focus() method. So at the end of a NavigateToString call, it will automatically take the focus and capture the mouse wheel. There are a few workarounds for this. Continue reading

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Testing untestable code thanks to MS Fakes

Every developer who has coded unit tests (in an ideal world this should be every developer from every single line of code^^) has probably met some untestable code problems: bad software design, dependencies,… Art of software makes a great place to testability nowadays and editors have understood this and started to worry about testability of their components – Asp.Net MVC is a good example, it allows testing for almost everything very easily thanks to built in dependency injection. But we still have often to work on old code not designed to be testable. Fortunately, a new Visual Studio 2012 will help us to achieve this anyway. Continue reading

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Unify Exception handling between Ajax and non Ajax requests in Asp.Net MVC

What is more annoying than a fix web ui? We don’t know if the normal process is in progress, if an error occurred, which error… That’s what happens quite often when Ajax calls throw a server side exception. The exception information is in this case forwarded only in the response not displayed by default to the user and the site just appears to be dead. There are some solutions to handle correctly these errors and we are going to see how we can do in MVC to unify errors display between Ajax and non Ajax requests Continue reading

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Detailed life cycle of an Asp.Net MVC request

When you invoke an action in an MVC application, everything happens as if you were simply calling a method in the controller class. How do we go from a http request to a method invocation with arguments? Wizardry does not exist, so we will try here to describe everything that happens during the MVC request processing. How and why everything is done? What can we extend?… A little trip deep into the framework always useful to find some pretty solutions to recurring problems. Continue reading

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