Hello everyone and welcome to my blog.

We will talk here about ASP.Net, MVC, jQuery, TFS, XNA, Windows Phone, HTML5… everything that .NET refers to in one way or another.

To say a few words about me, my name is Christophe Argento, I am a french Freelance .Net Architect. I’ve worked as a software engineer in a .Net environment for about 10 years in different IT Services companies or web agencies.
Passionate about web, innovation, programming, I will try here to share with you through articles which I hope will help you to solve problems and will show you all the diversity and the power of the Microsoft platform.
I have a french blog for about a year and a lot of people asked me for english translation so I decided to open this english place.

You won’t find here any truth but just my opinions and interpretations and those of every one who will want to participate and discuss around those subjects.

If I can help a person or two I won’t have wasted my time!


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